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Igniting Change, Fueling Markets & Sparking Adoption

March 18-22 | Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Thank you!

Thank you for attending the Clean Cooking Forum 2013: Igniting Change, Fueling Markets & Sparking Adoption.

Igniting Change, Fueling Markets & Sparking Adoption, to be held from March 18-22 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The Forum was the largest gathering to date of professionals working to advance the clean cooking sector. The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves team was honored to host 500 global leaders from the government, academia, investor, non-profit, and private sectors for a week of informative sessions, networking, site visits, and clean cooking demonstrations. Of course, we couldn’t have done it without the hospitality and professionalism of the Phnom Penh Hotel staff, the knowledge of our in-country co-host, GERES in Cambodia, and many others!

The insight, commitment, and drive displayed by participants in Phnom Penh resulted in significant advances for the clean cooking sector at large, and furthered the Alliance’s goal of 100 million households adopting clean cookstoves and fuels by 2020. Attendees, including a sizable presence of those new to the sector, convened throughout the week to affirm the Alliance’s role in research coordination, make recommendations on the next steps for international standards, and discuss the best mechanisms to advance markets for clean cookstoves and fuels worldwide. The presence of the carbon and investment community allowed significant opportunities for communication of interests and expectations. Alliance Ambassadors and the celebrity Chef Corps intrigued audiences and committed to raising awareness of the cookstoves issue. The attendance of geographically diverse  stakeholders – 60 countries were represented! – mobilized strong regional momentum, which will drive progress beyond the Forum.

In the Resources section of this website, videos, photos, presentations, posters, session notes, the participant roster, and other content from the Forum are now available.

The sector has never been more cohesive and prepared to tackle this silent killer that impacts almost half the world’s population. The Forum gave us the opportunity to come together, learn from one another, and move our collective goals forward, further imbued with the belief that cooking shouldn’t kill.


The Forum Coordination Group